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About K1 Technologies

If you are thinking about racing and thinking about connecting rods and cranks you might want to think about K1 Technologies, a company that produces these so that they are all set for racing. With racing stresses in mind the company sees to it that their products are of the tightest tolerances accepted in the racing arena because they know that the connecting rod is one of the most critical parts of your racing motor. K1 technologies also knows that a superior degree of manufacturing accuracy is required in the manufacturing of connecting rods, and for this reason everything from start to finish is done within the K1 Technologies facility.

It is hard to believe but the connecting rods are one of the most complex parts on your car’s motor and as such the manufacturing process is crucial. K1 Technologies has seen to it that their in-house designing, manufacturing, testing and quality control meet the exacting standards required for excellence of product. Everything about the K1 connecting rods is about exceptional quality from the use of 4340 forged steel, critical to ensure the strongest possible connecting rod, to a design that is lighter in weight.

The K1 Technologies crankshafts are another impressive product and as with the connecting rods are designed with 4340 steel and are core hardened with nitride for even more strength and bearing life. The addition of counterweights by K1 means optimal load decrease and ease of balancing.

Check out the “Race Ready” products from K1 Technologies on the LMPerformance website and find that part you need for your Sport Compact, small and big block Chevy and Mopar and lots in between.

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