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About Hella

It looks like you are trying to find lighting and OEM parts and the team at LMPerformance are here to help you with that by telling you about HELLA, a global, family-owned company. It is hard not to be impressed by a company that employs about thirty six thousand people and has one hundred twenty five locations in thirty five countries and HELLA is such a company. Couple that with their presence in the automotive and aftermarket industry for more than one hundred years and you definitely have a company worth considering when you are in the market for lighting and OEM parts. Innovation is one of the cornerstones of success and HELLA, with its nearly eight thousand people employed in research and development, can tout the fact that they are a premier innovation driver in today’s market and I don’t think you can argue with that.

Whether you want to see or be seen, let’s face it, your car’s lights are essential for safety on the road and HELLA products are at the forefront of innovation in the lighting arena. But their goal is not just the best lighting but also they recognize that design is an important factor in today’s lighting market and the advent of LED’s opens up all new opportunities in designing lights for your vehicle. The electronically controlled Matrix LED system from Hella that uses camera-based technology to create glare-free “tunnels” permits you to drive with a permanent high beam without blinding other drivers. Another example of the innovation present at HELLA is the piece de resistance, the HD Matrix LED that integrates 32 small, individually controllable LEDs arranged in two rows and sixty four step dimming that enables HD Matrix LED to create millions of light patterns.

The company’s expertise in the field of lighting includes Halogen, Xenon and LED so whether you are in the market for headlamps, rear combination lamps, interior lighting or car body lighting HELLA is certain to have an innovative product that meets your needs. Their electronic product portfolio is impressive as well and includes data-enabled electronic control units and roof modules as complex light-electronic modules, as well as vehicle access and driving authorization.

If you are searching for OEM parts you will find a potpourri of OEM parts by HELLA, whether it be an actuator whose range of actuators includes engine compartment actuators, vacuum pumps, body actuators, headlamp cleaning systems and relays or a control unit such as an interior control unit, seat module, trailer tow module or body control module. And don't forget OEM driver assist systems, electrical power steering, energy management or sensor, OEM lighting for your headlamps, car body lighting or interior lighting from HELLA. You can trust a company who has an established long time relationship with the automotive industry and HELLA has that since it is one of the top fifty global automotive suppliers so it is easy to see that HELLA is are a name to be trusted when you are in the market for an OEM part or that special lighting product.

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