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About GSC Power Division

Greg Caloudas always loved working on cars and when he recognized that there simply were not enough aftermarket performance camshafts and valvetrain components for Japanese Sport Compact cars he decided to do something about it; thus, GSC Power-Division® became a reality. In 2004 GSC Power-Division® took on the task of designing and manufacturing camshafts and valvetrain components for Japanese Sport Compact cars in North Charleston, SC in the United States and it has been doing that successfully ever since.

The GSC goal isn’t to provide a run of the mill camshaft or valvetrain component so they concentrate their efforts on making them lighter and able to hold up even under the most difficult conditions. This, of course, can only be accomplished if you have primo products to work with and GSC certainly has that with its state of the art FEA and slow simulation software. And GSC grinds its cast camshafts on top of the line chill cast or ductile iron billet blanks and the forged billet cams are turned from solid bar stock and ground on first rate CNC grinding machines.

As an example take the GSC Power Division valve guides in Manganese Bronze that aren't just any valve guides but are designed to fit to a tee and are easy to install with a shape that helps the air flow. These are not just your copicat valve guides but are tuned for specificity on a precision CNC turning center guaranteeing you a perfect fit.

Attention to detail and quality of product is the motto at GSC and their worldwide reputation proves they have been living up to it.

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