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About Gram Lights

A company that offers nine awesome brands of wheels must be doing something right and RAYS is that kind of company because designing wheels is a passion with the team at RAYS and the GRAM LIGHTS brand is the epitome of sports wheels. This perfection in wheel design can only be accomplished by a company who utilizes everything from designing to testing in the creation of a product like GRAM LIGHTS.

Take a look at the GRAM LIGHTS models and see what incredible wheels these are. Start off by looking at the new Overseas Models by RAYS, the 57FXZ, the new generation bellwether model for example, a premier wheel that is eye-catching in its Matte Graphite base color with sharp impressions in racey red and imprinted with the machined GRAM LIGHTS logo. The 57DR overseas model comes in a 2020 limited color of royal sputter blue for you real sports enthusiasts and the 57Trans-X Overseas model is designed for the Hiace and big 4WD vehicles with six hole fitments in an impressive dark bronze color. The 57Transcend Overseas model with its improved spoke’s cross section, improved lightness and strength and machining points gives this wheel an all new look.

The 57Xtreme wheels are built to win races and are available in SPEC-D with its new design, stronger rims and shot peening method to the wheel body, in the REV LIMIT EDITION with a simple and slim 2x6 design and a striking red color finish on the rim edge, and in the 57XTREME STD SPEC with its Matte Graphite finish. And those of you who prefer a vintage look take a look at the 57V LIMITED EDITION for classic cars, MX-5 and AE86 owners available in black, white and orange.

For a unique design featuring distinct 2/6 rim spokes twisted for a dynamic look check out the 57XTC series with design features that create a multiplicity of impressions depending on color and viewing angle. And for the ultimate in lightness and rigidity look at the newly designed 57FXZ with its Y-spoke configuration and concave face design. And RAYS revived an old favorite the 57C6 with the TIME ATTACK EDITION with its dynamic vivid red coloring on part of the rim edge and RAYS logo.

The 57Trans-X is designed for 4WD and Hiace owners and the 57 Trans-X Rev Limit Edition is a limited model of the 57 Trans-X having a distinctive black body with red lines on the rim perimeter and on the machine logo on the spoke side. The 57 Transcend is notable for its spoke’s cross section and the 57 Transcend Limit Edition has RAY’S distinctive red coloring on the rim edge and logo machining on the spokane side vertical wall. The 57XX model is now available in various sizes with a spoke silhouette inspired by racing wheels.

Aesthetics as well as performance play an integral part in the design and manufacturing of Gram Lights and the variety of wheels available in the Gram Lights series makes it a perfect choice for your vehicle.

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