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About Go Fast Bits

Many of you have dabbled with things but not many can tout the fact that the dabbling led to the establishment of a first rate company like Go Fast Bits, but that was just the case with John Adrian. From tinkering with his Mini Cooper in the 1980’s to designing and producing blow-off valves, boost controllers, pulley kits and short shifters in 1997 John Adrian has proven it can be done with Go Fast Bits.

Dissatisfaction with the quality of the then existing products led Go Fast Bits founder on the road to excellence in product design, the use of primo materials and machinery, and scrupulous testing. This Australian based company stays committed to its original goal of product excellence and that is a sure winner for its customers.

Take for example the Go Fast Bits Pulley Kits that besides being of lighter weight offer a throttle response that is sharper and acceleration that is faster, and all of that is accomplished by reducing the rotating mass at the engine. And the patented venting bias adjustment on the Respons TMS valve kit by Go Fast Bits will stop those pesky backfiring and stalling issues caused by the fixed-ratio atmosphere venting blow off valve.

The Go Fast Bits Short Shift Kits feature a one of a kind linkage system meaning the shift throw is fully adjustable so that you can retain your stock gear stick height, and best of all there will be no modifications needed to the transmission tunnel. Check out all of the aforementioned impressive parts and lots of other great Go Fast Bits parts on the LMPerformance website.

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