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About G-sport

Emission control in a high performance vehicle is certainly a challenge and no one knows that better than Eric Latino, a racing aficionado, who decided to take on the challenge. So in 2001 Eric and his company, Global Emissions Systems, Inc. went about the task of designing and producing products to overcome the obstacles prevalent in emission control relative to these kinds of vehicles. As a consequence Global Emissions systems developed one of the industry’s foremost high performance catalytic converters to resolve the problems of component failures in today’s high performance vehicles.

G-Sport offers two EPA compliant converters, the High Output with 350 to 500 horsepower per exhaust bank, and the Ultra High Output for 500 to 850 horsepower per engine bank. And with the up to 99 percent reduction of carbon monoxide, 98 percent reduction of nitrogen oxide, and up to 95 percent hydrocarbon emission reduction you can be sure you will pass your emissions test. No more worrying about that pesky check engine light or loss of performance with the G-Sport catalytic converter.

But G-Sport didn’t neglect you off-road enthusiasts and racers who only use your vehicles for these purposes because they designed two non-EPA compliant converters. These can also be used in older vehicles like those classic cars to help in the elimination of black smoke and bad orders from the exhaust. Although they can be used in all other engines they will not meet EPA standards so a word to the wise there. And if you want a primo transition between your new G-Sport converter and your exhaust pipe then consider the G-Sport Transition Cones.

Think G-Sport for everything you need in a catalytic converter and find it right here on the LMPerformance website.

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