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About Fuelab

Over a decade ago someone by the name of Brian Paitz decided he was going to tackle a big problem, high performance engines vapor locking and being starved of fuel; and as a result Fuelab and Fuelab’s brushless fuel pump technology were born. Brushless fuel pumps are designed to operate at a high efficiency and lower current draw so they are good for both everyday driving and on the track; plus, they work well in either gas or diesel applications.

Did you know that your fuel pump was going full speed ahead when you stopped at a red light? Well not with the Fuelab brushless fuel pump that can be set to change automatically or can be adjusted manually. So if you are looking for a more efficient and more reliable fuel pump and one that reduces heat in the pump then consider the Fuelab brushless fuel pump on the track and on the road.

Have no fear because Fuelab also designs and produces a comprehensive line of fuel pressure regulators, filters and systems all designed to help you get the most out of your engine’s performance. The Fuelab 818 series of fuel filters is a good choice for a multiplicity of reasons; it works with either gas or diesel, the outer surface is made of pure billet aluminum, the filter element is easily cleaned or replaced and installation is a breeze. And if your driving conditions warrant greater flow capacity and more filtration then choose the 828 series Fuelab filter with its full five inch element.

Check out these and the other potpourri of products by Fuelab on the LMPerformance website and find what you need to cure all your fuel performance woes.

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