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About Fabspeed

It looks like you are not happy with your OEM exhaust system and that is understandable because not every driver is one like you who requires more power and a great sound and car manufacturers know this. Since their goal is to appeal to the majority rather than to the more discerning customer they do not necessarily offer a car that has all the power or sound quality it is capable of because generally the manufacturers use a restrictive exhaust system; hence the need for a primo aftermarket exhaust system.

The upgrading of your exhaust system requires the installation of a system that is more free flowing and that will ultimately give you the power and sound you covet and we know this is especially true for you high end sports cars and exotic car owners. LMPERFORMANCE knows that you want the best and want to buy from a manufacturer you can trust to give you a preeminent product. Let us introduce you to a consummate force in the performance aftermarket arena, FABSPEED, a nonpareil designer and manufacturer of aftermarket exhaust systems in the high end sports car and exotic car milieu.

FABSPEED’s expertise is derived from its over twenty years of experience developing and manufacturing some of the world’s choicest stainless steel high performance exhaust systems and air intake products. The company started when a proud Porsche owner and racer, Joe Fabiani. could not find an aftermarket exhaust system to suit him so he decided to build his own and the rest is history. The company’s experience in the high end sport car and exotics arena is unquestionable and as a result the company has an inimitable record of success to demonstrate this. FABSPEED is able to accomplish all of this because they have employees with the expertise honed from their years of driving as well as improving high end sports cars and exotics. And the piece de resistance is their trained professional drivers and certified high-performance driving instructors on staff who make sure they are offering you a top notch product.

Quality is the name of the game in FABSPEED products with their incomparable T304L stainless steel assuring you of both durability and top performance and their lifetime warranty is a testament to their belief in the quality of their product. Couple with this the fact that FABSPEED develops and tests all of its products using its in-house industry leading dynamometer all helping to make you feel confident that this is the right product for your car.

And if you are worried about installation then FABSPEED thought of that as well by designing direct bolt on replacements for your OEM components that assure their customers of straight forward, simple installation. If you are not in the market for a complete system then FABSPEED can help with that by offering you components that can be upgraded at your convenience.

If you are a Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborognini, Maserati, McLaren, Bentley, BMW, Land Rover, Audi, Mercedes Benz, or Acura owner then LMPERFORMANCE believes FABSPEED is a company that will meet your aftermarket performance exhaust parts needs whether you are in the market for a complete system or just a component.

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