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About Exergy

Let's talk about high performance diesel fuel systems and what you want in an aftermarket diesel fuel system. Of course we know you don’t want one that will cause your vehicle to have a rough idle or cause other performance problems because you have installed an aftermarket fuel component so it is important to buy from the right manufacturer. Exergy Performance, a division of Exergy Engineering, has as their primary goal dealing with these problems and providing you with the best high performance diesel application available.

The expertise of Exergy Performance is unquestionable when you consider the fact that they started as a former department of General Motors producing mechanical unit injectors for the Detroit Diesel Corporation in 1944. The department eventually became its own independent company and underwent changes of various kinds, finally emerging in March 2006 as a separate company, Exergy Engineering, specializing in diesel fuel systems. This unique background in original equipment development gives Exergy Performance an edge in designing diesel fuel systems that function properly.

Exergy Performance considers testing a crucial factor in the design and manufacturing of their diesel injectors and for this reason they test from idle to full power by factory calibration points with a few others added for their high performance consumers. As you can imagine, no test is good unless you have the right equipment and Exergy uses first rate equipment produced by none other than the world renowned Bosch for the design and development of diesel fuel systems and most importantly, their staff can expertly operate this equipment. You won’t go wrong with an Exergy product for performance and reliability.

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