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About Denso

LMPerformance knows that even though the spark plug in your Camaro and Firebird is a small thing it is a very important thing. That is why LMPerformance carries DENSO iridium spark plugs for your Camaro and Firebird and gives their customers the best possible price for high performance spark plugs.

A DENSO iridium spark plug for your Camaro or Firebird can cure your high-performance car's misfiring issues. A DENSO Iridium spark plug makes use of the latest advances in manufacturing to make a spark plug for automotive applications that is better than anything previously available. Iridium spark plugs have electrodes tipped with iridium. The hardness of iridium in these high performance spark plugs allows the tip to be made smaller requiring less energy to create a more intense spark. A high melting point means iridium tips last longer. The characteristics of iridium high performance spark plugs make them better for wear and heat resistance for improved ignition.

Why choose a DENSO iridium spark plug? DENSO developed the popular U-Groove ground electrode design for high performance spark plugs that gives the flame a groove to grow in creating a larger flame front for a more complete combustion. DENSO also developed an Iridium alloy that is superior to platinum based on hardness, strength and melting point. Finally, DENSO patented the 360º Laser Welding Process, to provide a seal so reliable the electrode resists wear even in the worst combustion conditions.

DENSO is a global company that was established in 1949 and is one of the biggest suppliers in the automotive field of technology and one of their contributions to the automotive arena is the DENSO iridium spark plug and as proof of their success the Iridium Power plugs are present in late model Toyota and Lexus cars with a replacement recommendation of 120,000 miles – not bad. The DENSO iridium spark plugs have an extremely thin center electrode and U Groove and according to DENSO this design will cause a reduction in firing voltage up to 5,000 volts. And DENSO continues to improve their product with the introduction of the Iridium Power Plugs that have an extremely narrow center electrode and that are perfect for extreme driving such as racing and rally sports and yet another improvement from DENSO, the Iridium TT spark plug whose design with twin tips can give you a longer lasting spark plug. So you can see that this international company does not just rest on their reputation alone but is continually working toward bringing improved products to the forefront of the automotive industry and it is this drive that keeps them ahead of the competition. DENSO continues to grow and now has 150,000 employees in 220 companies and they reinvest nine percent of their revenue in research and development and it is this aspect of the company that keeps them bringing new things like the Iridium TT spark plug to the automotive industry. You can see from the above that the Iridium Spark plugs for your Camaro and Firebird on the LMPERFORMANCE web site are a great choice when it comes to replacing your misfiring spark plugs or upgrading for other reasons. Looking for more great parts for your Camaro? Check out this Borla Camaro Muffler!

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