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About Defi

The Defi brand is part of Nippon Seidi, a company that started in1946 designing and manufacturing motorcycle speedometers then ultimately moving into the automotive arena of gauges and displays. The successful Japanese company eventually made its presence known in America with its North American Operations and Technical Design Center in Troy, Michigan. Defi designs and manufactures aftermarket automotive gauges and displays for sports vehicles as well as racing vehicles including things like BF gauges,linkable gauges,, OLED displays and more.

The Advance system by Defi means all of your gauges and displays can be “daisy chained” to the incredible Advance control unit with a single system so no need for multiple wiring to each gauge. . The Advance BF gauges by Defi are impressively designed to be totally black with the vehicle not running but will come to life when the vehicle is turned on.

You racers will get a fast response and accurate readings with the Defi Racer Gauge that is a standalone gauge that doesn’t need a control unit, and you get to choose from the blue, white or red offering available on the Defi Racer. If you are looking for the perfect triple meter to fit into your DIN slot then look no further than Defi because they have designed and produced a 1-DIN for giving you an up to the minute report on pressure and two kinds of temperature.

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