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About DDP

Dynomite Diesel has lots of things going for them; for example, they have been in business for nearly twenty years and are housed right here in the USA in Hayden, ID and they use all of their own products regularly to assure their customers that they have a product that they can trust on their vehicle. It is this individualized attention to product reliability that has contributed to Dynomite Diesel’s success in the aftermarket performance arena.

Dynomite Diesel has the part you need for your truck if you are looking for diesel injectors, turbos or ball joints. Giving you a primo product is at the forefront of the Dynomite Diesel success and their in-house Dyno Jet and top quality hone machine are the keys to providing you with their unparalleled balanced injectors.

Searching for some impressive and powerful injectors to use off-road and, in fact, recommended for off-road use only? Consider the Super Mental series injector set from Dynomite Diesel that is designed for vehicles requiring 950 RWHP and above and designed for extra fuel delivery. And the Dynomite Diesel injectors are tightly balanced with less than 2% variance so you are certain to get the added power you crave.

You will get a smooth running truck with the Dynomite Diesel nozzle because Dynomite Diesel Hones each nozzle independently and carefully balances their flow outdoing the Stock injector’s 2 to 3 liters flow with its no greater than 1 liter per minute variance. And Dynomite Diesel gives their customers a 2 Year, unlimited mileage warranty on select Brand New and Reman injector options.

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