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About CTEK

Batteries and battery performance are always at the forefront of thinking at CTEK, a company that was started thirty years ago when the very first battery charger that used electronic pulse technology was designed by a Swedish inventor, Bengt Wahlqvist. Then with the later acquisition of Chargestorm, CTEK entered the ever developing Electric Vehicle market with its need for charging solutions. The company has been thinking about battery performance and improving battery performance since its inception. In light of the above it is evident why CTEK has become the global leader when it comes to battery management.

The CTEK repertoire of products includes products for cars, motorcycles, leisure and sports vehicles, heavy vehicles and of course Electric Vehicles and needed accessories.

Consider products like the Smartpass 120S, a power management solution that not only distributes and controls available energy from your alternator to power service batteries but also maximizes this available energy, assuring that your most important equipment always has power; additionally, the battery guard will protect your service battery from totally discharging. And for the preeminent 12V power system CTEK offers the 140A Off Road Charging System Package that includes the CTEK Smart Charger and CTEK Smartpass to give you unparalleled battery performance whether you are in your RV or in that 4 wheel drive vehicle.

And if reviews are your thing then you can check out the reviews on sites like Battery Focus, the Chicago Tribune and Smart RVing just to name a few and you will see reviews like “best overall”, “best budget buy” and “one of the best deep cycle battery chargers”, just to name a few.

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