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About Cometic Gasket

Finding the right gasket sounds like a simple thing but if you want one that is dependable and long lasting and will hold up even in extreme conditions like racing then the answer is not a simple one but one that deserves consideration and a company that you can trust in its production. Cometic Gasket, Inc. is just such a company with a history that spans back to 1989. And past history certainly bears looking at but that is not the only determining factor and Cometic Gasket, Inc. answers those other concerns as well, things like materials used, proper fit, and under what conditions they can be used.

The 70,000 square foot, primo research and development and manufacturing facility in Concord, Ohio, houses state-of-the-art in-house dynamometers and engine assembly rooms affording them the ability to design and create products for the powersports industry as well as automotive, sport compact, V-twin marine, diesel, agricultural and more. So you can see Cometic Gasket, Inc. certainly has you covered regardless of what kind of vehicle you own or what you use it for.

The materials used by Cometic Gasket, Inc. are selected for their ability to provide you with top notch performance and come in a variety of sizes suitable for a multiplicity of engine types. The team at Cometic Gasket, Inc. utilizes materials like Multi-Layer Steel, Aramid fiber and others to give you the gasket that most meets your needs.

Taking into consideration how the gasket will be used plays an important part in the engineering process and Cometic Gasket, Inc. takes steps in their testing procedures to guarantee their gaskets will perform where and how they should even in the most demanding situations like competitive motorsports.

Cometic Gasket, Inc. holds a competitive position in the aftermarket industry when it comes to gaskets and they have earned the trust of countless suppliers and customers throughout the world so why not give them a try.

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