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About Clevite

If you are in the market for a performance engine bearing it doesn’t get any better than Clevite as evidenced by their presence in the NASCAR arena since 1948. In fact they have not only been present but have been in every single NASCAR champion car since so you will be hard pressed to find an engine bearing better in quality and dependability when it comes to racing.

You are probably aware that the bearings that come with your car from the factory were designed for longevity and reliability but this may not be what you need if you are in the racing arena and that is where Clevite comes into play with their softer bearings. High speed can be problematic with hard bearings and can cause the hard bearing to seize, a dangerous situation on the tract, but the softer Clevite bearing may wear down or deform a little bit but your engine will keep going.

Clevite offers both TriMetal engine bearings with their three layer design that reduces drag and increases horsepower and are made to withstand up to 60% high loads and TriArmour Coated engine bearings that combine the above mentioned Trimetal technology with moly/graphite, high pressure, high load and dry film treatment for engine bearings. And the low friction PTFE polymer base of the TriArmour gives additional protection and lubricity with increased bearing life.

And Clevite knows not one bearing fits all so they designed their bearings in four series, H-series for NASCAR type racing, K-Series for high performance, competitive engines, V-Series that have low to medium eccentricity and a hardened steel back, and M-Series for engines where severe crankshaft deflections cause edge loading of the bearings.

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