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Bulken Off-Road

About Bulken Off-Road

If you are an off-road aficionado then you are more than likely interested in enhancing your vehicle and the team at LMPERFORMANCE is here to help you do just that. Let’s get started with something to help you and your passengers board your vehicle with a minimum of effort and to meet that end you might be looking at nerf bars and running boards to help you accomplish this. While they are most definitely comparable they are in fact each unique and it is this uniqueness that you should consider when making a decision to add these to your off-road vehicle. The biggest disparity , of course, is in the stepping area of each product with the running boards generally featuring a stepping pad that will run the length of the board and the nerf bars only providing a stepping surface at each point of entry.

Let’s just look at an example of a nerf bar for your F-150 that is a product designed and manufactured by BULKEN OFF-ROAD, a company new to the arena but not to be overlooked when it comes to aftermarket off-road parts. The nerf bar for your F-150 that BULKEN OFF-ROAD offers is a one piece construction that can support up to 650 lbs and is crafted in T-304 stainless to resist corrosion so you can see it is heavy duty. And BULKEN thought of durability by coating it in satin black powder to withstand road debris and of course they made it direct bolt onto existing factory holes with no drilling needed and it doesn’t get better than that. So you see this new company had the consumer in mind when they developed this product and that is definitely something on the plus side when it comes to choosing a product.

And BULKEN didn’t stop with just nerf bars and running boards they wanted to outfit your off-road vehicle with classy front bumpers that are heavy duty one piece steel construction and naturally BULKEN fully welded these to give them extra strength and coated them in satin black power so that you don’t have to worry about road debris. But BULKEN didn’t stop there but designed the front bumper with recessed light ports for LED light bars and work lights. And best of all BULKEN designed these great off-road truck bumpers for your Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge and Toyota off-road vehicles so you are certain to find the one for your car.

Don’t be put off by this Walnut, California company because they are new to the aftermarket industry but be assured they are enthusiastic and are dedicated to the creation of products for your off-road vehicle that will help you make it look bolder and make it the distinct sui generis vehicle you want it to be. Folks at the SPEC-D TUNING Spring Show-Off 5 had a chance to see these terrific BULKEN off-road products on the BULKEN F-150 and we feel certain they were impressed. But if that is not enough to convince you remember BULKEN OFF-ROAD offers their consumers a three year warranty on coating and finish and a lifetime structural warranty of all of their products for your off-road vehicle.

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