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Black Rhino

About Black Rhino

Need a tough but nice looking wheel for your truck or SUV then look no further than Black Rhino and their awe-inspiring line of hardened alloy wheels. As part of one of the oldest aftermarket alloy wheel companies worldwide,TSW, Black Rhino Wheels has the resources needed to see that all of their wheels are rigorously tested and that all of the necessary effort is put into research and development. You can be guaranteed of a product that is reliable, safe and of the right fit with Black Rhino and the Black Rhino Wheels are manufactured right here in the USA. The company’s racing heritage makes it extremely cognizant of the importance of having a safe wheel and the parent company, TSW, has been racing for over thirty years.

Black Rhino knows you want a great look as well as a safe wheel and they are constantly searching for the look that will be eye-catching whether you are on a city road or on an off road adventure. Light, strong and an impressive design are the name of the game when it comes to Black Rhino wheels whether you have a truck, SUV or a lifted off highway vehicle. That is why all Black Rhino wheels are fabricated from their proprietary aluminum alloys that not only are lighter in weight but are exceptionally tough.

If you are a stock or lifted truck owner craving for adventure then you won’t be disappointed in the Black Rhino wheels with their wide range of offsets and Black Rhino did not forget you city drivers with its impressive wheels in diameters from 20 to 24 inches. The Black Rhino SUV and crossover wheels are perfect for those discerning SUV owners and come in a multiplicity of spectacular designs with diameters from 15 to 24 inches. Need to handle additional weight with that camper then look no further than Black Rhino for a wheel engineered specifically for you that is load rated and is great for both stock suspension and lifted vans. You Jeep owners have not been neglected because Black Rhino has a potpourri of wheels designed just for you.

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