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About Belltech

It all began with an ideal and that ideal was to design the ultimate in performing lowering suspensions for the Chevrolet Pickup. One that would correct the then existing problems inherent in the available lowering suspension systems and that was the custom of replacing the existing springs or even worse cutting them in order to lower the suspension. So in1983 a small company Belltech was born in order to create a lowering suspension system that would resolve the poor ride caused by these methods. The design team at Belltech felt they could surely resolve this by building a spindle whereby the wheels were higher but the remaining front end system stayed the same and that's exactly what they did with the design of the drop spindle.

The development of the drop spindle led to the realization that other parts of the truck suspension needed to be changed and as a consequence Shackle Hanger kits, Lowered Coil Springs and Flip kits were designed and offered to the Belltech customer. And of course only primo materials and first rate designs were used in developing the above products thus the reason for the ensuing success of Belltech,

The improvement in lowering suspensions on the Chevrolet Truck did not go unrecognized by other truck owners and as a consequence Belltech set to work designing and creating suspensions for Ford, Dodge and import trucks. As a result products like the complete lowering kits were developed so that they not only give you an impressive look but also will afford you the alignment, performance and safety necessary for proper lowering and it all comes in one box with all the necessary parts.

And the company’s growth did not stop there but rather the team at Belltech recognized that there was a definite need for a suspension dampening system because as a result of changing the ride height shock geometry was affected, Hence the entry of the Nitro Drop Shock line and the impressive Nitro Active shock line that used monotube technology for an improvement in ride quality. And for the everyday driver Belltech designed the Nitro Drop 2 shock line that gives the driver and passengers a comfortable ride with improved road feel and grip and the Belltech Street Performance Shocks are designed as a performance replacement.

Success and product demand meant Belltech needed to move to a larger manufacturing facility with a satellite warehouse and then to its current 75,000+ sq. ft facility in Clovis, California. The Engineering and Research and Development that this new large facility was able to house resulted in the creation of new products such as products for the GM Silverado and Colorado/ GMC Sierra and Canyon/ and the Ford F150. It enabled them to produce products like the Belltech Trail Performance line of shocks that give you that overall responsiveness and handling needed for your off road experiences.

Shop the complete product line of Belltech products for your truck or SUV and you will be rewarded with products that are superior in every way.

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