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About BBS

In 1970 two amateur racers from Schiltach, Germany wanted to improve their performance on the race track so they decided to make improvements that would achieve their goal. This decision led to the development of a successful company that is still in business today. They initially decided to reduce weight by introducing fiberglass body panels then they needed to reduce unsprung weight and as a result developed the avant garde three piece racing wheel. Thus was the beginning of BBS and the story of its founders Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand.

In order to grow the company and expand their marketplace BBS introduced road wheels to their repertoire and then in 1983 they launched the original 3 piece “RS” design wheel, an icon in the wheel industry. With technology and performance as their driving force they have made a name for themselves in the industry and as a result have a presence all over the world.

The BBS of America was ensconced in Braselton, Georgia in 1983 and this 50,000 square foot facility serves as a conduit for the sales and distribution of BBS aftermarket products with a staff of accomplished experts in the wheel industry. BBS can tout the fact that BBS Motorsport Department supplies wheels and trackside service to nearly all major road race series in the US.

Knowing all of the above you know you can trust that your BBS wheels will be primo quality and this is especially true of their new Corvette C8 Wheels that are everything you could want in a high performance wheel. Starting with the impressive concave design and Y-spokes the CI-R for your Corvette C8 is definitely going to be pleasing to the eye. And BBS was not only concerned about the aesthetic quality of the wheels they were also focused on the technical aspects and were able to achieve unadulterated lightweight construction using their proven Flow-Forming technology, back-milled spokes and replaceable stainless steel rim protectors.

The technology used in creating these impressive wheels is second to none with the use of hydraulics that realize greater density in the material structure for the rims. And of course the rim well of the over 300 to 350 degree centigrade hot wheel blank is kept in a continuous rotational motion under high pressure and at high temperatures, and subsequently rolled out over a cylinder in one work step. And as a result there is a thinner wall thickness and a lighter weight wheel with optimally dense material structure and greater material strength.

And BBS likes to give their customers a choice so their impressive Corvette C8 Wheels come in Platinum Silver, Satin Black and the piece de resistance, a limited edition in Elegant Satin Bronze to celebrate the company’s anniversary that has a “BBS est. l970” center cap. Weight optimization is always at the forefront of every BBS wheel and this is particularly true of the Corvette C8 Wheels. This is truly a distinctive wheel for an idiosyncratic car like your Corvette C8 and let’s face it that car with its sporty design deserves a wheel like this.

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