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About ATP

Fresh ideas and a desire to make the best turbocharger components possible were the impetus for the establishment of ATP (Advanced Tuning Products, Inc.) in 2004 in Hayward, California. The company has only one thing on its mind, and that is turbocharging and turbocharging components, and that is a big plus for its customers. Because concentrating on one aspect of performance products means all of ATP’s time and resources goes into making the best possible product for your car.

ATP feels that the Garrett Turbo units are unsurpassed for excellence in performance and dependability and for this reason ATP has designed their components around the Garrett units. In addition the use of outstanding high precision equipment in product design and manufacturing assures you of excellence in quality whether the product be blow-off valves, wastegates, injectors, adapters or any other products.

And ATP wanted to make things simple for you when you are thinking about tuning and designed the ATP Intercooler Kit that is an all inclusive kit, so no need to find yourself with a missing part at a critical time. If you need a high quality and long lasting turbo downpipe consider an ATP turbo downpipe that is made with premium stainless steel to prevent rusting and for a relatively lightweight.

Take a look at the variety of turbo components available on the LMPerformance website, and you will see how inventive ATP is and how committed they are to providing you with everything you need for your turbo engine.

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