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About ARP

When you are shopping for fasteners for your prized vehicle you want to find the product that will not only serve their purpose and keep things in place but also will be long lasting and fail safe and for this reason you need to buy a fastener from a company you can trust. You might ask yourself what attributes that company should have and we at LMPERFORMANCE feel you would be justified in doing just that and in fact would be negligent if you do not do that. And so if you are in the market for fasteners then we invite you to peruse the information we have garnered about Automotive Racing Products.

For those of you who are racing aficionados we know that you will recognize the ARP brand since they were the very first company designing and engineering fasteners specifically for you and as a result have delivered a multiplicity of patented processes for the manufacturing of high strength fasteners. Not being a company to rest on their laurels ARP continually improves their processes and their quality control can be compared to the best with operations that are ISO 9001 and AS9100 registered and you can’t get better than that. The company’s focus is on a superior product that is second to none and their goal is to satisfy a need with the best possible product so that you, their customers, will be consummately satisfied.

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The advent of the ARP company is a result of the fact that racing enthusiast Gary Holzapfel recognized the need for better fasteners when he saw that a preponderance of broken engines was caused by fastener failure. In 1968 there were no commercially available studs and bolts that were able to meet this challenge and so he drew upon the expertise of a leading aerospace subcontractor and founded ARP® (Automotive Racing Products).

Quality control is of utmost importance to the team at ARP because they recognize that only by this avenue can they maintain their reputation for unbeatable products with “zero defects” and they achieve this by controlling all aspects of their manufacturing process. Because their operations are conducted in-house ARP is able to oversee all aspects of production and ARP also recognizes that the production of specialty fasteners of superior quality could not be accomplished without the help of enthusiastic and exceptionally qualified professionals consequently they employ the best.

Automotive Racing Products does not support the delusion that “Aerospace” material is the best and in fact they think that this is not nearly good enough and have in fact proven this by the quality of their materials. ARP parts and fasteners are manufactured in-house for everything from heading through machining, grinding, heat-treat, thread rolling, and shot-peening to black oxide treatment and they perform every operation in house on their own equipment affording them the opportunity to create the superior product you deserve with their experienced and committed employees.

Peruse Automotive Racing Products' extensive product line containing a multiplicity of parts that include essentially every fastener found in your engine and driveline ranging from high quality performance OEM replacement parts to the exotic specialty hardware used in Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR and NHRA drag racing and in demanding marine applications. Whether it be a wheel stud kit, head stud kit, intake manifold bolt kit or any other fastener part look to ARP to give you primo quality that you can depend on and look to LMPERFORMANCE for a competitive price.


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