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Take a look at the ARMYTRIX exhaust systems at LMPERFORMANCE and find the one that will make a difference in your car’s performance and sound. Since you are in the market for an exhaust system why not give some thought to these five words that describe ARMYTRIX: Sound, Valvetronic, Quality, Precision and Performance. All are important things to consider when deciding on the perfect exhaust for anything from an Acura to a Volkswagen since ARMYTRIX designs their exhaust for your vehicle’s specifications.

You might want to take a moment to examine each of the aforementioned key words and there is no better place to start than the sound you want your exhaust system to make. Because the ARMYTRIX exhaust system is unrestricted the sound you crave will come directly from your car’s engine with sounds ranging from a deep timbre at the lower revs to a dramatic F1 style at full throttle.

As you know your car is manufactured with a restrictive exhaust system The ARMYTRIX Valvetronic system solves the problems your car experiences as a result of this restrictive exhaust system; namely, limiting power and creating a sound that is either too high or too low. The Valvetronic system directs exhaust gas through or around the muffler and by simply using a remote to change the position of the valve you can easily adjust the exhaust tone and volume. The ARMYTRIX smartphone app makes it possible for you to access real time events and everything is backed up on precise data logs for your review and the digitized controller give your access to the Valvetronic system.

ARMYTRIX knows quality is important and for this reason they have not skimped on the materials used in creating your exhaust system and this superior quality is evident in their Ti and SS series exhausts. As an example,the ARMYTRIX TITANIUM HARACAN EXHAUST is built entirely out of titanium resulting in a dramatic reduction in total weight. The primo quality of the ARMYTRIX exhaust system is a result of expert design with attention to every detail.

Precision is the name of the game at ARMYTRIX and perfect fitment is the goal of the talented team who can assure you of this because dimensions and measurements of each car’s undercarriage are taken by 3D scans so that there is no room for error. All of this gives the skilled designers the tools they need to create an exhaust system that fits perfectly.

All of this would be lacking if ARMYTRIX did not excel in the arena of increased performance and they certainly do that. The ARMYTRIX exhaust system is lighter and air flow is unrestricted and both of these improvements will give your car the power it needs to enhance both horsepower and torque.

Perseverance and innovation are the driving force behind ARMYTRIXs success in the aftermarket performance arena and its advanced exhaust system will provide you with superior sound, unparalleled power and exceptional versatility. Take a look at the primo ARMYTRIX exhaust systems on and find the one that will make a difference in your car’s performance and sound.

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The team at LMPERFORMANCE thinks you will agree that the name ARMYTRIX is a bit unusual but is certainly catchy; however, it is not the name that makes this company special it is what it stands for. Take a look at ARMYTRIX’s mantra of giving their customers the best for their vehicle by arming it with what they tout is the most advanced system technology. Furthermore ARMYTRIX stays true to their beliefs by designing and building a system that is powerful and has amazing sound and versatility.

In order to achieve their goal of excellence in product with resulting success ARMYTRIX has chosen top notch engineers from Germany and Japan for the creation of the revolutionary designs that have helped to make ARMYTRIX one of the top producers of high-end performing exhaust systems in the aftermarket industry. The company is cognizant of the fact that their products must not only be able to perform well but must be able to stand the rigors of high performance driving and for that reason ARMYTRIX does extensive testing designed to eliminate any faults guaranteeing their customers of a primo performing exhaust system.

Since product quality is one of the company’s top priorities ARMYTRIX designs and manufactures its exhaust systems with aerospace titanium and T304 stainless steel so they know they are giving their customers only the best. Furthermore in order to guarantee consummate fit the ARMYTRIX exhaust systems are designed using 3D scan for all of the vehicles they service including your Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Prosche and Volkswagen.

And the company hasn’t neglected the acoustics in their systems because they know their customers covet a system that gives them the sound they want whether it be a low rev purr or a high sounding howl. ARMYTRIX is able to accomplish this by using only superior material and designing a complex internal chamber capable of giving you a complete range of sound.

Since they are an astute company ARMYTRIX recognized the fact that their customers would want an exhaust system that was versatile and easy to operate and the company was able to accomplish that by providing you with a very simple key fob. With just the press of a button the driver has ultimately flexibility that allows him or her to decide how and when he or she wants to be heard.

ARMYTRIX did not neglect the need for ultimate performance and consequently considered your catalytic converter. The catalytic converter related fault codes clearing mechanism designed by ARMYTRIX will eliminate that annoying check engine sign and will provide a clean and secure Plug-n-Play module that provides an unrestricted air flow.

And last but not least ARMYTRIX recognizes that we are in the age of technology and has designed the ARMYTRIX APP that will augment your total tuning experience. This exceptional addition links the latest in technology with their outstanding line of products and the APP supports both Android and IOS systems affording you the opportunity of gauging your vehicle’s performance at an exact moment. Since it connects wirelessly to the ARMYTRIX Mobile OBDII module ECU data is related in real time to your personal device thus providing incomparable performance data.


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