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American Brother Designs

About American Brother Designs

Quality Automotive Billet Manufactured Proudly in the USA. With more than 60 years of manufacturing experience AMERICAN BROTHER DESIGNS knows what it takes to consistently provide our valued customers with high quality billet aftermarket automotive products. American Brother Designs has a strong discipline for quality control, coupled with the specialized skills of our manufacturing processes and technology allows us to meet and exceed your expectations.

ABD parts is proud to manufacture everything in the U.S. We are proud to announce that GM has just granted us an Official License to manufacture products for the Chevy Silverado, Cruze, Sonic and Spark.

AMERICAN BROTHERS DESIGNS operates out of a facility in Carson City, Nevada and their primary goal is the design and manufacturing of incomparable aftermarket billet accessories for the discriminating car owner like you. Because they have an inestimable reputation for producing only the best billet accessories they were chosen by GM to manufacture products for the Chevy Silverado, CRUZE, Sonic and Spark. GM’s confidence in this company is another indicator of just how much they have accomplished over the years and hopefully this will instill confidence in you as well. The team at AMERICAN BROTHERS DESIGNS is capable of giving you a pristine product because they manufacture everything in their facility and this creates the environment necessary to guarantee that everything is done according to the company’s unwavering high standards from the choice of raw materials down to the finished product. AMERICAN BROTHERS DESIGNS is now able to boast that they design and provide the billet aftermarket industry’s ultimate variety of billet finishes for your vehicle with not only chrome and powder coated finishes but with their unique offering of OEM color matched products affording you even more choices, always preferred by the consumer. You can feel special with a product from AMERICAN BROTHERS DESIGN because you are able to customize thanks to their ability of hydro-dip patterns and have a potpourri of engraving and line-graining options. For a distinctive look you won’t go wrong with AMERICAN BROTHERS DESIGNS, a company whose aim is to always be searching for a way to improve on their already impressive products through research and development.

When it comes to aftermarket auto enhancements the team at LMPERFORMANCE knows that even small things can make a difference to the discerning car owner like you and as a consequence we are happy to make them available to you. Sometimes it is the tiniest things that grab someone’s attention like the Chevy Silverado Bowtie Insert Replacement, for what is a Chevy Silverado if it is not dressed up in its Silverado Bowtie. You are able to choose these in either chrome or flat black and bow ties are made to order just for you. Picture yourself sitting in your Corvette C7 with a set of classy looking knobs after installing the AMERICAN BROTHERS DESIGNS interior knob dress up kit for your Corvette C7. This eight piece set will cover all of your eight cabin knobs and you can choose from a variety of color combinations; such as, red, orange, grey, blue, green, silver, black, yellow and white and they are available on the LMPERFORMANCE web site. Make your Corvette C7’s interior stand out with this simple addition that is sure to be eye-catching. And we didn’t neglect you CHEVY CRUZE owners when it comes to accessories because you will find billet logo auto shift knobs, non-locking fuel doors, logo door sill sets and bowties on our site as well.

Impressive products for an impressive client is the goal at AMERICAN BROTHERS DESIGNS and is also the goal at LMPERFORMANCE so find your billet accessory at a great price and with free shipping and admire the difference it will make.

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