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About Zone Offroad

If you are an off-road aficionado then you will certainly need something to lift that truck or jeep and Zone Offroad is here to help with that. Zone Offroad has been in the business of helping truck and jeep owners lift their vehicles for over a decade and; in fact, their parent company Sport Truck USA has over two decades of experience in the off-road arena. All of the Zone Offroad products are manufactured right here in the USA and are created for ease of installation and a primo fit, so definite pluses there.

Zoneoffroad uses 3D modeling and OEM specifications guaranteeing you a perfect fit every time, ease of installation, first class workmanship and primo materials. Of course, Zoneoffroad is cognizant of your safety and that of your passengers and designs and manufactures products that have passed the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No.126 test to assure you of electronic stability control.

Want a slight lift, as little as two inches? Well Zoneoffroad can give you that, but they can also give you as much as six and one half inches in height. Zoneoffroad knows jeep and truck owners want a comfortable ride and consequently hydraulic shocks are standard with their body lift kit, and for reduced aeration and quicker response upgrade to nitrogen-filled shocks. Quality is always the goal at Zoneoffroad so all lift kits have CNC machined steering knuckles plus primo rear blocks, complete displacement valves, twin tube design and dual welded ends.

If all of the above hasn’t convinced you to choose Zoneoffroad then the price surely will because Zoneoffroad manufactures lift kits that are affordable. Top quality and a competitive price are paramount at Zoneoffroad and LMPerformance so choose your lift kit now.