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Yukon Gear & Axle

About Yukon Gear & Axle

Striving to exceed a customer’s expectations certainly speaks well for a company and Yukon Gear & Axle purports to be such a company. Quality aftermarket drivetrain parts are essential whether you use your car on the road or on the track but the rough conditions inherent in racing make your drivetrain choice critical so that you have fewer pit stops and a safer race. With the help of their in-house engineering team Yukon aims for excellence in product development and utilizes top notch software to design drivetrain parts that are quality controlled for excellence. Whether your genre is a diesel truck, rock crawler, circle track, drag racing or just general performance Yukon has a drivetrain part to meet your needs.

Looking for an axle part? Well Yukon has axle parts for your vehicle that include axle bearing retainers, axle bearing and seals, axle studs and lug nuts for a variety of vehicles Need help with your differential then Yukon can help you with bearing kits, carrier installation kits, master differential rebuild kits, minimum installation kits or pinion bearing kits.

Trying to build a strong rear end then you won’t go wrong with the Yukon Gear and Axle Kits since their bearing, installation and overhaul kits use Timken bearings so that they assure you of long bearing life as well as strength. And the Hard Core Locking Hubs from Yukon are heavy duty with all steel construction and Chromoly internals for durability. Their Master Overhaul Bearing Kit from Yukon is the most complete kit on the market. The rear performance axle from Yukon Gear may be just what you need for a long lasting and strong rear performance axle since it is touted to be thirty seven percent stronger than the competition.

And why not replace your vulnerable and expensive factory unit bearing with the Yukon Spin Free Kit so that you have tapered roller bearings that reduce drag and thus enjoy an increase in fuel economy and, of course, the kit includes the Yukon Hardcore Locking hubs for driving selecability and reduction of wear on other components. And if you have shims on hand try the bearing installation kit or the minimum installation kit that include all the necessary small parts like crush sleeve, pinion sleeve, pinion shims and more.

The Yukon ring and pinions are developed for rear wheel passenger vehicles and light duty trucks and they offer lines that are suitable for performance, racing and off-road with a smooth finish and easy installation. In the market for a locker or posi traction then, of course, Yukon can supply those as well offering you a choice of a Zip Locker that is air operated for on demand traction or a Grizzly Locker for off-road or performance use. The Duragrip Posi Traction with its impressive four springs is perfect for your car, truck or SUV and the Ford Traction-Lok by Yukon is available in two performance ratings, street and race.

When trying to rebuild your differential then you won’t want to be without an installation kit and Yukon has one of the most complete kits on the market and it is especially designed for each application with most having almost exclusively Timkin bearings and of course the components are of superior quality.

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