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What Monsters Do

About What Monsters Do

An idea comes to mind, a name is found and a company begins and that is just what happened at the company What Monsters Do. The name refers, not to actual monsters, but to racing cars and, of course, the designs produced by What Monsters Do celebrate anything race related. But not just race related since, obviously, everyone is not a racer; rather its product line relates to anything automove whether it be new, modified, racing, and everything in between.

Who doesn’t love a hoodie on cool days and What Monsters Do knows that and has designed some awesome hoodies for you car lovers. As an example, the Tuners hoodie in red with those red and white racing flags is perfect for a cool day at the races. And for all you racers and race lovers who recognize there is a code of honor in racing then the Honor Code will show your commitment to being true to what your believe in,

More of a T-Shirt person, no problem, because What Monsters Do has designed a T-Shirt for those racers or those who just enjoy the sport. The 240/180 King of Drift T-Shirt was designed in order to honor the 240 Turbo track star and the180 stock racer in the World Racing League.

Don one of these neat shirts the next time you go to the track or just because you want people to know you love the sport and find the one perfect for you right here on the LMPerformance website.

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