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About Turbosmart

It all started with an idea for one product and a love of racing, and the rest is history. The one product is the BOV Type 1 designed and produced by Nic Cooper in 1997 for his newly created Turbosmart company. This Australian based company is now recognized worldwide, and Turbosmart has not only significantly increased its product line but helped break quite a number of racing records. Turbosmart recognizing the potential in the American market established Turbosmart, USA in Ontario, California to service their North American customers.

The Turbosmart products are both track and street applications, and every product; whether it be a blow-off valve, wastegate, boost controller, gauges, pressure regulator or hose, is designed, built and track tested in the Turbosmart facility. The team at Turbosmart consider themselves to be the “future of turbo technology”, and their dedication to product development speaks to this.

The Blow-off valves designed and manufactured by Turbosmart are available in a variety of designs and are suitable for a number of uses. The Kompact blow-of valve is a valve that is upgraded from your OEM valve and is suitable for everyday, high performance and tuned use, and this series also has an Electro-Mechanical alternative that integrates with your factory controlled electronics.

Turbosmart’s fifth generation BOV valve, the BOV5 is a genuine high performance valve that is higher flowing than the Kompact for those of you with that high horsepower. The Race Port, Power Port and Big Bubba valves are for the racer and performance driver who needs that extra horsepower and a will to win.

All of the Turbosmart products on the LMPerformance website are as impressive as the blow-off valves, and whether it be a wastegate, oil pressure regulator or some other product you will be getting a primo product designed with care and the customer in mind.