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TOKICO has a manufacturing plant in the United States and is a subsidiary of the impressive worldwide HITACHI, LTD, a global leader that has a long and illustrious history. TOKICO (USA) was founded in 1987 but the history of its parent company dates back even farther than that and they were responsible for the design and development of the world's first twin-tube low-pressure gas shock absorber in the 1970s so the company as a whole has quite an impressive history in the shock absorber industry. TOKICO manufactures not only original equipment manufacturer parts but also aftermarket parts as well and with the merger of Hitachi, TOKICO and UNISIA in 2004 it was provided the opportunity of using the advantages of the other companies to create an even better product. TOKICO not only produces nonpareil shock absorbers but things like brakes, cylinders and compressors and other automotive parts. Shock absorbers have evolved markedly through the years and TOKICO has been successful in keeping up with this evolution. TOKICO provides a multiplicity of both original equipment shocks as well as high performance shocks and adjustable shocks like the TOKICO DSP D-Spec Adjustable Shocks for your 2005-11 Mustang available at LMPERFORMANCE that are damping specific shocks with an incredible extra wide range of adjustments making it possible to use them in a variety of situations from street to road racing because they allow you to adjust rebound and compression at the same time allowing for hard and soft settings to suit your driving needs. These sui generis shocks will let you road race your iconic Mustang and then go on the street to work all within in an incredibly short time by fine tuning your suspension system. You Mustang’s shocks are in incredibly important part of your car’s suspension system since it absorbs the sudden movement your car can put into the springs and the factory installed shocks sometimes just don’t fit the bill if you want to do more than drive down the road to work, and if you are a proud Mustang owner we are confident you want to do more than just that. Even if you don’t race but do other kinds of performance driving then the one size fits all shock just won’t do it and that is where the TOKICO adjustable shocks come into play since they can be set to your preference to improve your cars handling in a multiplicity of situations not just one. When you own a car like the iconic Mustang performance and handling are what it is all about otherwise you would not have bought it in the first place so whether you race or rally or just love the feel of the open country winding roads where you can put the pedal to the metal LMPERFORMANCE and TOKICO can help you get the handling and adjustability you want with their inimitable D-Spec adjustable shock absorbers and we will help you get them at a competitive price and with free shipping as well to further encourage you to improve your Mustang today.

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Tokico DSP D-Spec Adj Socks (set of 4) Mustang DSP-12; 2005-2011
5 Stars Tokico Shocks, Date: 7/30/2008

By: Anonymous
Ownership: 1 month - 1 year
Other than being a little bit of a pain to adjust the rear shocks, these are fantastic. Track days are MUCH more fun with stiffer settings, but street driveability is only moderatelt affected. Much happier with adjustability that fixed dampers.

Current Mods:
Tokico adjustable dampers, BMR lowering package, Steeda competition front fascia, Steeda axle back exhaust, Steeda heavy duty upper strut mounts, K+N aircharger, FRPP GT500 rear spoiler


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