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About Synergy Mfg

Now that you are an owner of an off-road vehicle you are probably looking for ways to improve your vehicle's performance particularly when it comes to your suspension system. Well, Synergy Manufacturing has been in the market of doing just that since 2005. And you can be assured that most of their components are made right here in the USA and that the suspension components are designed from scratch to give you world class performance.

Synergy thought of everything for your suspension system with features like progressive coil springs, adjustable track bars, shock relocations kits, adjustable upper and lower control arms and dual durometer bushings to name a few.

But Synergy Manufacturing didn’t stop with suspension systems but went on to design heavy duty steering components with features like a drag link that bolts directly into your factory mounts, tie rods that are over forty percent stronger than your stock rods and more. The axle upgrades, skid plates and other exceptional components can serve to provide your off-road vehicle with that much desired off-road performance and give it a great look as well.

The adjustable ball joint kit is designed with longevity in mind and is meant to last the life of your vehicle and to stop that sloppy steering, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. And you can be assured that rigorous testing is done on all components because they are tested on trails like the extreme Hammers and Rubicon trails that challenge even the toughest coil springs, shock mounts and control arms to the test.