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About Sunpro

SUNPRO has a long and impressive history in the tachometer and gauge arena and its initiation into this industry was back in 1935 when SUNPRO designed and manufactured tachometers for jeeps and tanks so it was primarily a military and industrial supplier. SUNPRO was a registered trademark of Snap-on Corporation under the license of SPX Corporation who supplies technical products and systems along with other things worldwide so they were part of a very large and diversified company. During its formative years SUNPRO began designing and manufacturing tachometers and gauge sets for racing cars and thus began the formulation of its reputation in the motorsports and automobile industry. SUNPRO through dedication to customer’s needs and striving for customer satisfaction became one of the leading providers of tachometers by the seventies and having been successful in this venue SUNPRO ventured into the design and manufacturing of a multiplicity of gauge styles and were, in fact, the company who originally designed tachometers and gauges with color for the faces, lighted pointers and chrome bezels. That is quite an impressive history and the formidable company BOSCH thought so too because in 2012 they purchased SUNPRO and now SUNPRO is part of the BOSCH family but that has not altered their dedication to product satisfaction and innovation. As I am sure you automobile aficionados know tachometers can be an important feature in a manual transmission car and if you are towing something or have a heavy load they can be equally as important for monitoring the need to shift into lower gears on downgrades and hills. Of course some people do not feel that there is a need for tachometers in automatic transmission cars but others will argue that they are very helpful when you use the new paddle shifters available on some cars and the Lexus LS 400 and Infiniti Q45 owners have said they feel their engines are so quiet that when they see the tachometer at 1000 RPM instead of 0 they know their car is running. But in the racing arena it is a totally different story they are not only helpful but essential so that the driver can know when their engine reaches its peak of power output and for the professional race car drivers who don’t have a speedometer the tachometer is a useful tool in determining pit row speeds and avoiding a penalty for going too fast at a pit stop.

Okay, now you know why you need a tachometer so let us tell you why you should trust the SUPRO tachometer to not only get you to the finish line but avoid penalties if they are imposed at your track for going too fast at a stop. First and a very important first is the fact that SUNPRO has been designing and manufacturing tachometers since 1935 for vehicles that performed in some of the most difficult situations but equally important is SUNPRO’s reputation in the aftermarket performance industry and it is stellar. The SUNPRO tachometer available on the LMPERFORMNCE web site fits a potpourri of vehicles and has a multiplicity of features that will help you get to the finish line with its large face and 0 to 10,000 RPM range. Start racing today with a SUNPRO tachometer or gauge set from LMPERFORMANCE and get it at a competitive price and with free shipping and let us help you get to that finish line.

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