• SCT
  • A joining together of the experts in various fields was the start of it all and this unique combination of talent from areas such as racing, calibration, tuning, manufacturing and performance shop experience eventually evolved into the inimitable SCT tuning software that was developed back in 1996. The company has been able to grow through successful management as well as innovation in design and lots of hard work and now their software can be found in twenty-six countries and it has over eleven hundred shops, manufacturers and providers throughout the world – quite an achievement. The combining of SCT with Bully Dog in 2014 gives SCT the added advantage of being able to use the combined talents of each company to provide the latest and greatest when it comes to the improvement in vehicle performance and this benefits their customers as well. When it comes to getting the most from your car’s engine both in horsepower and efficiency you have a challenge facing you but fortunately the...Read More


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