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About Rays

The founders of Rays started with a desire to excel in the world’s highest level motor races and as a result the company has focused on making it easier to win by designing a wheel that will help you accomplish just that. A company that has been in business since 1973 certainly has proven itself to be a winner in the wheel industry and one that has as its slogan "The concept is racing." is sure to appeal to those of you who are performance drivers.

Competing in races gives Rays the edge they need to develop the best in performance road wheels and these experiences are the perfect proving ground for Rays wheels. Computer based testing is not the only thing Rays relies on since they hold the tenet that computer generated results need to be based on data built up from experience.

Designing a wheel that is lighter and stronger is tantamount to Rays and this is true not only for sport wheels but for all wheels and the resulting experience can be used in the manufacture of forged wheels and cast sport wheels. In house development has led to not only a high performance wheel but also to a wheel that can enhance the look of your car.

New wheel shapes are important if you are to keep ahead of the competition and Rays has the ingenuity and experience to do just that. Both hardware and software applications are important in the development of aluminum wheels and the team at Rays makes compelling use of both in designing their wheels and they couple that with significant data obtained on the racing circuit. Rays then utilizes the above knowledge in the designing of their street wheels so that they give non-racers the same quality performance wheel.

Diversity is apparent in the multiplicity of brands offered by Rays, brands like their VOLK RACING brand, a forged sport wheel with racing technology or the GRAM LIGHTS sports brand for the epitome of performance and unique design and finish. And if you are looking for a European flair to make your car stand out above the rest then the VERSUS brand is for you with its primo design and finish.

The new VMF is designed with Origami in mind with the smoothness of a sculpture and a mesmerizing three-dimensional design. And for you SUV owners take a look at the HFULLCROSS wheels by Rays for a unique wheel that will change the look of your SUV. And if you are in the market for a premium brand wheel then check out the WALTZ FORGED designed with an eye toward beauty and style.

And utilizing top of the line technology Rays created the HOMURA, a premium cast brand for their discerning customers who want a unique wheel. For you off-road aficionados there is the DAYTONA with its unconventional style with the feel of off-road tracks. Rays did not forget about K-car and compact car owners and developed the A-LAP to offer you a wheel that can make your car unique. Whatever your needs Rays is sure to fit the bill with a wheel you can be proud of.

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