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About Nitrous Express

The founders of Nitrous Express didn’t want to “build a better mousetrap” but they did want to create a primo nitrous system unlike any on the market so in 1996 they set about doing just that. They were able to accomplish this because of their ability to manufacture their components with the hot rod adjustments incorporated into the system. As a consequence Nitrous Express was able to offer a product that could be used “as is” and the company continued on successfully improving their products and increasing their product line.

The elimination of the turbulence points seen in competitive systems was paramount to the team and Nitrous Express and to this end they designed their unique bottle valve. The NX “Lightning” bottle valve, for example, has a solo 45 degree angle to its discharge point thus eliminating the severe 90 degree turn seen in the competitors’ bottle valves. In addition the exclusive bottle nipple designed by Nitrous Express serves to transition nitrous from the valve to the supply hose with no internal steps or restrictions. All of these necessary improvements result in more horsepower per pound of nitrous than any of its competitors products.

If you were to inspect the Nitrous Express 500 bottle valves you would see a direct flow path that results in the elimination of gaseous bubbles that can cause a decrease in horsepower and the Nitrous 500 can be used on systems up to 2000 nitrous horsepower. The success of the Nitrous Express 500 bottle is attributed to the fact that it has a .625” siphon tube and a solo 45 degree turn and fittings that can be used with an 10AN supply line restriction free.

Because the Nitrous Express 500 is free of blockages, sharp edges and tight turns you can expect a smooth laminar flow of nitrous, minimal boiling and minimal gaseous nitrous in the flow path to the solenoid. All of the aforementioned result in a nitrous system producing more clean horsepower and one that is much more effortless to tune. And add to this the fact that the 500 is CNC machined using billet aluminum and is nearly one half pound lighter that commensurate brass valves, has dual gauge ports and interconvertible nipples allowing for it to be used by a multiplicity of supply lines and you have a sure winner.

Realizing that the solenoids are an important part of the system and need a good flow path, Nitrous Express developed the NX Lightning solenoids with an integrated purge port that permits connection of a purge value to the solenoid. The elimination of trapped air between the fuel pressure regulator and the fuel solenoid was accomplished by a fuel bypass port that permits the connection of a small return line to the tank.

The high-tech Nitrous Express plates are the most premier nitrous plates available and are without spray bars to sag, split, block airflow, or damage and afford the best fit. Maximum horsepower is achieved because the internal CNC machines passages result in primo nitrous/fuel distribution and unrivaled cylinder to cylinder distribution.

Finally in 2018 Nitrous Express added to their product line by acquiring the company that manufactured impressive Water Methanol Injection systems, Snow Performance, and as a consequence can offer their customers the best available nitrous and water methanol products on the market.