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About Mantic Clutch

Mantic Clutch USA is the sole distributor of premium Twin and Triple disc clutches located in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Ranging in torque capacity from 600 to 1500 ft-lbs, our clutch kits offer EXCELLENT drive-ability with a pedal effort that feels much like the OE clutch. We feel this is the best clutch and flywheel combination available on the market today. Made with the best friction materials available, combined with quality and customer service that extends well beyond the initial sale. Our clutch kits come as a complete solution, everything you need is in the box: Clutch, Flywheel, New Release Bearing and all necessary hardware. Make the switch and see why our slogan is "In Clutch We Trust"

Since you are in the market for a twin and triple disc clutch LMPerformance wants to familiarize you with Mantic Clutch USA and their line of premium twin and triple disc clutches. And, of course, these are in addition to their superior quality single clutch kits. We are happy to say these clutches are available in a range of torques from 600 to 1500 lbs. and they are easy on the pedal. And no worries about friction because the materials used to produce the clutch and flywheel combination are primo. Everything you need is right there at your fingertips since the kits come with all that is needed for easy installation and includes a clutch, flywheel, new release bearing and needed hardware.

The all billet construction guarantees you a finished product that was machined from a solid piece of metal and was not cast or molded or forged assuring you of a product with higher strength for great performance and longevity. And since there will be no flex from these clutches when you are at high RPM you will not increase the wear on your parts and fluids.

Mantic Clutch wants you to get flawless performance so they do dynamometer testing on all of their clutches and the clutches are rated up to 2000+ ft. lbs. Torque. But they didnft stop there in assuring you a first class clutch since the Mantic Clutches are field tested on the street and on the track. If you want to lower the moment of inertia for a cooler clutch and improve torque drive capability then the Mantic Clutch is just the ticket to both.

The ease of application and the fact that they are rebuildable make these clutches the perfect choice for the everyday driver and those sports enthusiasts.