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Kong Performance

About Kong Performance

LMPerformance knows that you supercharger owners want that immediate boost only a supercharger can provide and that is especially true on the track where every second counts. And, of course, there are those of you who want that supercharger to run even better with improved performance so in comes Kong Performance to help you do just that. Kong Performance is still a fledgling company based in Pennsylvania but they have some primo products worth your consideration.

If you are the proud owner of an LT4 supercharger and want to increase the airflow in your supercharger you might consider the CNC Ported LT4 Supercharger and Snout that touts 40 to 80 rwhp gains. And if yours is an LSA supercharger no need to worry because Kong Performance has designed a CNC Ported LSA Supercharger and Snout just for you and it was done on their impressive 5 axis CNC with its top notch porting software and tested for performance gains.

Another great product from Kong Performance that requires no modifications for installation is the Kong LSA TVS2650 Supercharger with a height designed for easy hood clearance. And it comes with a high twist 4-lobe rotor design, the largest Eaton TVS Rotor pack available, allowing for more efficient operation and, of course, improvement in performance.

Want to increase airflow to the inlet side of your supercharge? Then you might give some thought to the Kong Performance ZR1 5”+ Carbon Fiber Cold Air Induction that is the only 5” ZR1 intake available. And consider this that while completing the initial tests it has made over 1000 rwhp with no nitrous being used.

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