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About ICON

If you are the proud owner of a truck, SUV or off road vehicle and are in the market for a first class suspension component then why not consider a company like ICON Vehicle Dynamics led by the SCORE champion driver Dylan Evans. Using Vehicle Dynamics, the study of the effect forces have on a vehicle in motion, ICON has been able to design and manufacture progressive aftermarket suspension systems for your vehicle. Testing plays an integral part in the ICON process and they are able test their products on the street and in the racing arena to assure you of quality and drivability.

ICON has as one of its goals improving the handling of your car and also improving its drivability and they do this by use of the Vehicle Dynamics mentioned previously, in house control of things like laser cutting, metal forming and other manufacturing processes and through their extensive testing platform. The expertise of the team at ICON is extensive and is the key ingredient in the successful design of these incredible aftermarket performance suspension components.

Just take a peek at one of the complete suspension systems from ICON designed for the popular F-250/350 Super Duty Truck that is a 2” system using a 2” mini front spring pack with installation that is a breeze with its bolt on system and compact enough so that only a slight change is needed in spring rate so that you keep that impressive ride quality. Best of all you can continue to use your stock shocks if desired and there is no resulting change in towing capacity and no drive shaft modifications needed. And, of course, these impressive complete suspension system also come in additional size springs so that you can choose the lift that suits you best and they are available for a multiplicity of other vehicles including the Ford Excursion, Tundra, GM 2500HD/3500, RAM 2500/3500, Forerunner FJ and others.

Another impressive product from ICON is the vehicle specific series shock absorbers that are affordable yet high quality and are 100% rebuildable and revalveable and for off road use take a look at the ICON developed shocks that were designed just for these punishing situations. And if that Jeep Wrangler JK needs body armor you can feel protected with the ICON Impact PRO Series Body Armor and Slider Kit fabricated entirely of 3.16” thick plate steel that not only looks great but gives you the protection you need for that rugged terrain you crave and, of course, the body armor will attach directly to your Jeep’s body. For even more protection the roc slider piece will assure your doors and body are safely away from any damage that can be caused by flying road debris.

The above are just examples of the impressive products available from the inimitable ICON Vehicle Dynamics and a perusal of the LMPerformance website will surely lead to your finding the product that most suits your need if you are the proud owner of a truck, SUV or off-road vehicle.

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