• Hurst
  • Find a variety of Hurst Shifters and Hurst shifter knobs for your Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Chrysler, Pontiac and universal models at LMPerformance. The team at LMPerformance chose the Hurst shifter and Hurst shifter knobs for their unbeatable durability and control plus for its short throws. Hurst is a legend in the shift industry. Hurst has a great Billet/Plus 2 shifter for both the Camaro V6 and V8 applications. And for the Mustang try the Hurst Classic Design 45% Short Throw Shifter. This Hurst shifter knob has a 45% reduction in shift throw. Get positive locking action to the front wheels of Chevrolet, Ford or Pontiac with the Hurst Roll Control kits. Check out all of the great Hurst parts: Hurst Shifters, Hurst shifter knobs, Manual Shifters, Automatic Shifters, Paddle Shifters, Shifter Knobs, and Shifter Handles, Roll Control kits and Emblems at LMPerformance.

    Back as far as 1958 George Hurst was making a difference in the popular hot rod community of the...Read More

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