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About Hoosier

Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. is the largest dedicated race tire manufacturer in the world, and all Hoosier race tires are still proudly "Made in the USA." Available in over 1,000 size, compound, and tread configurations, Hoosier has tires for any form of automotive racing.

We are sure you will agree that a company who is the largest race tire manufacturer worldwide and who produces over a thousand different types of race tires must be doing something right and if you are not familiar with it let us introduce you to none other than the indomitable company, Hoosier Racing Tire. This story of success begins back in the 1950’s when Bob Newton, a then successful newcomer to the racing arena in Indiana, recognized the need for a better tire on the track and one that would not have so few sizing options and hard thread compounds.

Hence the decision by Bob and Joyce Newton to produce a tire that was specifically designed with the racer in mind. And it all started in an old abandoned horse barn in South Bend, Indiana, when they retreaded street tires with softer compounds and ultimately created race tires. This was the start of the Hoosier Racing Tire and the rest is a history of untold success in the racing venue.

The decision to enter the NASCAR Winston Cup Series in 1988 was a successful one and resulted in nine victories and a step in the right direction for Hoosier Racing. A second tire plant was built in 1992 with the goal of returning to NASCAR's Winston Cup series and in order to accomplish this the new Hoosier plant was exclusively used for the manufacturing of tubeless radial race tires that ran on tracks at speeds above 200 miles per hour.

Hard work and ingenuity certainly paid off for Hoosier because its value was evident to Continental Tire who purchased the company in 2016 and as a result today Hoosier has a facility second to none. Hoosier’s 300 mph test wheel, first class technology center, avant garde fully-integrated production facilities and high tech mixing plant all help Hoosier to design and manufacture the inimitable racing tires that have helped hundreds get safely to the winner’s circle.

Hoosier’s repertoire of racing tires includes the Asphalt Oval with a range of tires that run from the ¼ bullrings to Super Speedway, the Circuit Racing with its history of success dating back to 1984, the Dirt Oval designed for sprint cars, open wheel modifieds as well as micro sprints, the Drag Racing/Jr. Drag engineered for consistent ET’s and maximum traction, the Karting/Quarter Midgets with its line of dry and wet weather tires for Sprint, Autocross, Eduro and Super Kart applications, the Off Road for use with ATV, UTV and Motocross applications, Pro Street for hot rod enthusiasts. and the Rally available in tarmac and gravel rally.

With a successful history that spans over fifty years Hoosier Racing Tires has certainly made its mark in the racing world and these primo tires are available to you to help you get to the finish line first and most importantly safely. So whether you are a professional racer or just out to have a little racing fun you can feel confident in your choice of a Hoosier Racing Tire from LMPerformance.com.

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