• Gorilla
  • Gorilla has been developing and manufacturing wheel and tire accessories for over 35 years. Their product offering includes steel and aluminum lug nuts, installation tools, pressure gauges, and wheel spinners.

    Gorilla lug nut, and Gorilla wheel locks has been in the business of keeping your wheels on your car for forty years designing and manufacturing a small product with monumental importance, that of assuring your safety, and to that end they have created just the right products for your car’s wheels; such as, Gorilla lug nut and Gorilla wheel locks, lug bolts, valve stems, tire pressure gauges, and many more items. GORILLA believes in hiring the best qualified people for the job at hand because they know how important their products are not only for the racing community but for the entire driving population and to this end they choose innovative and dedicated individuals to be a member of the GORILLA team and they place a great emphasis on research and development as well ...Read More

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