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About Fabtech

We know that the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your car’s performance is horsepower but think again because regardless of how much horsepower your car has it cannot perform if you can’t control it. And that is where your car’s suspension system comes into play and since your are considering a new suspension system or component why not consider the best. And touting 25 years of experience certainly speaks to success in any given field but especially in a competitive field like aftermarket performance parts and FABTECH MOTORSPORTS has just that.

FABTECH MOTORSPORTS has earned its place in the industry because they recognize the importance of both equipment and experienced professionals as necessary elements for superior product development and they have never wavered in their commitment to this end. Starting with their extensive research, design technology and ending with rigorous testing they have been able to provide you with products that break new ground in the suspension arena.

FABTECH accomplishes its goal of offering you a product that is trouble free by staying ahead of its competition when it comes to research, design and testing and they have recognized the need to incorporate today’s vehicle’s electronics and sensors into the suspension design so that everything will operate smoothly. To assure you of the best possible product they use in-field testing and multiple vehicle fit tests so that all possible problems are addressed before the product is released. To further insure product quality all of FABTECH’s components are built in house at their 100,000 square foot facility in Chino, California.

FABTECH designs and manufactures suspension systems for both on and off road applications and for off road applications the system is designed to afford increased ride height and enhanced performance and furthermore, each suspension system is unique to the vehicle. Everything from a complete suspension system to individual components is designed and manufactured with the same impressive precision and dedication to detail.

As one example of excellence in product take a look at the Dirt Logic Shocks from FABTECH with their high grade 304 stainless steel bodies that are sure to resist corrosion. Or the Stealth Monotube Shock that features Nitrocarburized piston rods notably superior to chromed rods to assure you of not only durability but resistance to corrosion. The FABTECH Performance Shocks are uniquely constructed so that they work in conjunction with the FABTECH suspension system to provide you with outstanding ride control, primo dampening capabilities and reduced shock fade at high speeds. And for you off road enthusiasts and those of you with oversized tires take a look at FABTECH’s Uniball Upper Control Arms for increased strength in the front suspension with a design that assures you of longevity in hardwearing conditions.

Whether you are in the market for a complete suspension system. shocks, upper control arms, dirt logic shocks, stealth shocks, performance shocks, or some accessory you can be sure that FABTECH designed and manufactured each with the same impressive standards affording you a top of the line product that will satisfy even the most discerning customer.