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About Cusco

Carrosser, the parent company of Cusco, is the only Japanese independent firm that is involved in racing; and they use the knowledge gained on the track, rallies, dirt trials and gymkhana to study their parts and determine where they need improvement. Cusco, USA, based in Huntington Beach, California, plays an important role in product development and distribution of products. If you want a part that was born and matured in the racing arena then the place to look is Cusco because the company was designed to do just that.

The Cusco repertoire of parts is extensive and includes things you might need for your air intake system, drive train, exhaust system, interior and exterior accessories and lots of others too numerous to mention. One of the most sought after products, the Cusco coilovers, have gone through all of the extensive designing and testing of every Cusco product and have been thoroughly evaluated for performance and quality on the track.

And, speaking of the track, the Cusco roll cages are a prime example of the use Cusco has made of their track experience. You can be certain that the Cusco roll cages with their chassis stiffening properties meet all the necessary requirements for your safety in that great race. Cusco can provide you with gloves, race seats, seat belts and harnesses, and seat brackets and frames; and they were all meticulously designed and tested to keep you safe on that big race day.

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