• Clearlidz
  • We set about designing a Jeep hard top that would be unusually light, and yet highly resilient and durable. It also needed to be easy to install and remove and provide solid protection against sudden showers and the sun’s relentless summer rays. While the available Jeep tops were either heavier, all-enclosed, cocoon-like hard tops or a more delicate piece of canvas, they knew they wanted something both sturdier than canvas, and more protective than going topless, but with full 180° visibility overhead while enjoying off-roading.

    The ClearLidz ™ design needed a super-light, but super-durable material to go with the tough-and-ready expectations of the typical Jeep owner. High-resilience, impact-resistant poly-carbonate easily fit the bill-the same material used for F-18 fighter jet canopies. With the strength test met, they then customized the poly-carbonate formula to include UV-filtering inhibitors that reduce in-vehicle temperatures by avoiding most of the heat factor of a su...Read More

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