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About ACL

A worldwide reputation for material quality, product quality, innovation and performance enhancement speaks well of a company, and if that company has managed to keep that reputation for more than seventy years it is one you should become familiar with. We are talking about ACL, an Australian designer and producer of engine bearings for OEM purposes and aftermarket performance purposes.

The company’s impressive machinery and manufacturing techniques as well as its design capabilities have led ACL on its path to success; and, in fact, ACL now produces one of the biggest inventories of engine bearings globally. And true to their longstanding involvement in motorsports ACL designed and produced the outstanding ACL RACE Series Performance Engine Bearings that began with the designing of bearings for the Brabham Formula 1.

These are some outstanding bearings with a primo compilation of materials to form the bearings and the extraordinary P76 overlay for superior abrasion and fatigue resistance. The CT-1 coating by Calico, a dry film lubricant, is the perfect protection for the difficult racing arena because its intermittent dry lubrication reduces friction and ultimately wear. The various bearing enhancements on the ACL Race Series; such as, increased crush to lock the bearing into place, increased eccentricity resulting in improved shape adaptation, and the main bearings extended groove for better oil supply and avoidance of pressure pulsing are imposing features that are perfect for racing.

If you are thinking bearings, think ACL, and don’t forget they have other products also worth considering on the LMPerformance website.