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About Racequip

The team at LMPerformance knows you love your cars but they also know that if you are a racer you are concerned about safety as well as speed. So we want to talk about RaceQuip, a company that has been in the business of keeping you safe since 1975. Designing and manufacturing safety gear has been the crux of the RaceQuip business for a long time but then in 2006 they decided to combine with Safe-Quip as Vesta Motorsports USA and thus were able to expand their manufacturing capabilities allowing them to offer even more incredible products to their consumers.

The safety gear designed by RaceQuip such as fire retardant suits, shoes, nomex gloves and Snell SA helmets are all SFI rated and the seat belts and harness sets are SFI and FIA rated. And the safety gear offered by RaceQuip is sanctioned to be used in nearly every racing series and venue.

Even though drivers’ suits in kart racing are not usually fire retardant RaceQuip has seen to it that all of their suits and other safety gear are because their number one concern is the safety of their customers.

RaceQuip has kids and junior racing suits that exceed SFI 3.2A/1 ratings for safety and their adult suits are made in single layer and multi-layer to offer you options depending on the venue.

And you will get the support you need with the RaceQuip FIA certified Composite Racing Seats that are made for professional racing. The arm restraints for both adults and youths driving an open cockpit car are SFI 3.3 and are of high grade steel hardware with premium polypropylene webbing.

Check out these and all of the other safety gear by RaceQuip and find the products that will keep you safe and let you win that next race.

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