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In 1936 major events were happening like Jesse Owens winning 4 Gold medals, the Queen Mary beginning Atlantic crossings and it also saw the advent of an award winning company who produced spark plugs and oxygen sensors and that company is none other than the inimitable NGK/NTK. Eighty plus years is a long time to stay in business and a company who can do that is certainly one to consider when you are in the market for car products and NGK/NTK is one of those companies.

Just take a look at the most recent innovation from NGK, the Ruthenium HX™, a revolutionary new spark plug that is the most advanced to date in the automotive aftermarket. You will see the difference the Ruthenium HX™ makes when you see more power from your car’s engine and more efficient use of fuel and you will see that the Ruthenium HX™ outlasts iridium and platinum spark plugs that do not hold up as well to meet the power demands of modern cars. Whether you have a low heat engine in your car or a high heat engine NGK has a Ruthenium HX™ spark plug to meet your needs since it comes in two designs, the DFE for low heat engines and the PSPE for high heat engines like those turbocharged and supercharged engines.

If the Ruthenium HX™ is not for you because you are a performance enthusiast then consider the Iridium IX ® for its extremely high melting point and its consistently stable spark necessary for those quick starts. And if you are on a tight budget, you might want to choose the Platinum Spark plugs that come in either G-Power® with its single platinum tip and 98% pure copper core or the Laser Platinum that is designed to meet OEM specifications for individual manufacturers. Don’t forget about NGK for your other ignition needs when it comes to things like coils and wire sets.

NTK leads in the marketplace for oxygen sensors and they offer a multiplicity of sensors for your car’s needs, sensors like Position sensors that communicate the position of various components in your car to your car’s computer for safety and efficiency. NTK has a position sensor to meet a multiplicity of needs whether it be for your engine crankshaft, camshaft, accelerator pedal or others. And the NTK pressure sensors are there to meet your needs in monitoring emission outputs, preventing contamination, reporting engine load, reporting the function of your EGR system and others and NTK is sure to have the sensor you need to monitor your exhaust, fuel tank pressure and others.

We would be remiss in not mentioning speed sensors from NTK that can replace your OE sensors but which will give longer component life and have better wire insulation and weather pack connectors. There are sensors for temperature, fluid level, oxygen, and air-fuel ratio monitor kits available from NTK and if yours is a newer car with things like park assist and automatic headlights NTK makes a specialty sensor just for you so you see NTK has thought of everything you need for a safe and efficient drive.

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Back in 1936, NGK SPARK PLUG COMPANY began developing spark plugs for automobiles in Japan and quickly expanded and established itself in the United States in 1966. Today their global presence has made them the largest supplier of spark plugs in the world – quite an accomplishment. NGK has a facility in Irvine, California where it produces spark plugs and a facility in Sissonville, West Virginia where it produces oxygen sensors and spark plugs. The main part of the insulator in a spark plug is generally made from sintered alumina, a very hard ceramic material with high dielectric strength, and NGK prides itself on being extremely knowledgeable in the area of ceramics and its properties. If you are asking yourself why all the concern for just the right spark plug, think of the big job assigned to your car’s spark plug, that of forcing electricity to arc across a gap at an extremely high voltage and then produce the ignition for the combustion needed to start the car’s engine. The next thing you might want to take into consideration is the type of metal used in a spark plug since it channels the electric energy from the plug wire through the spark plug while forming a spark. You’ll find NGK spark plugs in two kinds of metal, platinum and iridium on our website. The advantage of iridium and platinum spark plugs over copper plugs is longevity of use, with platinum and iridium plugs lasting almost twice as long as copper plugs. Additionally, the strength, hardness and high melting point of iridium made it possible for NGK to produce one of the best firing points on the market. If your Chevrolet, Ford or Pontiac car is experiencing any of the following problems, think about getting an NGK spark plug: your engine has a rough idle, you have trouble starting your car, your engine misfires, your engine surges, you notice a lack in acceleration or your find that you are using more gas. Find the right NGK iridium or platinum spark plugs for your car below at a competitive price.


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