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King Engine Bearings

About King Engine Bearings

If your company has as its hallmark the desire to make zero mistakes and to give its consumers a product that is the best in the marketplace then their products bear consideration and King Engine Bearings is just such a company. Their position on quality of product has not changed since their inception in 1960 when they began producing engine bearings for automobiles, light-duty and heavy-duty trucks, marine, aviation, standby power and many other types of internal combustion engines.

King Engine Bearings can promise you a primo bearing because they have complete control over their products from its inception and choice of raw materials to the packaging and delivery stage with no room for error. By specializing in engine bearings King Engine Bearings has been able to afford you with a comprehensive array of bearing products all manufactured only using the most progressive designs and primo materials, no shortcuts with King Bearings.

The aviation and racing industries are so confident of the quality of King Bearings that they have made them the first choice when the need for bearings arises and in order to meet such demanding customers King Engine Bearings took it upon themselves to redesign their entire manufacturing process. As a result King Engine Bearings became a pathfinder in the development of proprietary manufacturing machinery and multi-function high speed production lines, all to afford you a top-notch product.

Let us just mention a few of the attributes of products like the amazing King Engine Race Bearings; such as, their pMax-Black™ tri-metal structure and the impressive pMaxKote™ with its nano-composite polymer coating that will help you will achieve 24% greater load capacity and 17% more fatigue resistance and their Bulls Eye Tolerance™ that eliminates the need to “fish’ for the right clearance and with Eccentrix™ you will get better oil wedge formation for a more stable hydrodynamic lubrication regime; and the list goes on. All designed to give you the perfect engine bearing whether for racing or otherwise.

The complete line of King Engine Bearings including balance shaft, cam, main, performance and rod bearings as well as thrust washers are made with the same car as those designed for the aviation and racing arenas.

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