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About BorgWarner

A company that can trace its roots back to 1880 is certainly a company to be reckoned with and that is just the case with BorgWarner because Morse Equalizing Spring Company, the forerunner of Morse Chain was founded in 1880 and that was the beginning of what would become the inimitable BorgWarner company of today. Companies like Warner Gear, a forerunner of BorgWarner TorqTransfer Systems and Wahler, a forerunner of BorgWarner Emissions Systems date back to the early 1900’s and represent the innovative history of the company as does Warner Gear with the manufacture of the first manual transmission.

The individual accomplishments went on throughout the years and resulted in the formation of the Borg-Warner Corporation in 1928 and finally in1993 in the formation of Borg-Warner Automotive, a stand alone company. Innovation is always at the forefront of the company and science and technology as well as a dedicated team of employees have earned BorgWarner the accolades they deserve.

The world-class reputation of the products BorgWarner manufactures is apparent and none is more evident than in the inimitable BorgWarner turbochargers that began with the first forced induction motor vehicle in 1952 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The company leaves no stone unturned in the development of its high-performance turbochargers and everything from working under the hood to race testing is used to create primo products for the racing enthusiast and the enthusiastic road driver.

The EFR turbochargers, popular in competitive motorsports, are manufactured with materials never before combined in a performance aftermarket turbocharger and the AirWerks Series are perfect for the driver who wants something more powerful under the hood. BorgWarner set the benchmark for aftermarket turbochargers with the EFR when it comes to things like performance, ease of installation and primo features. The expertise of the engineers at BorgWarner is evident in their ability to achieve the perfect combination of compressors and turbines that results in the most advantageous flow and quickest response.

All successful companies know that the never ending search for new products is the key to success and the BorgWarner High-Flow EFR SuperCores for the Racing Performance turbocharger range and the introduction of seven new turbochargers for passenger cars are prime examples of this. The broad spectrum of performance turbochargers available in the EFR product line will certainly offer you a turbocharger that will suit your needs and you can be assured you are getting a product that is second to none in technology.

The merger of the successful turbocharger producers 3K and Schwitzer into BorgWarner resulted in new technical standards in this field and this serves to provide its customers world wide with a comprehensive range of 3K and Schwitzer replacement turbochargers and spare parts. BorgWarner Turbo Systems is known internationally and their in-house quality control system is second to none ensuring that the demanding quality requirements of the automotive industry are not only met but are surpassed. You can be confident in your selection of a BorgWarner turbocharger because prior to its release every product must pass engine manufacturers' tests and comply with their exacting demands with regard to power, performance, and service life.

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