Dinan D660-0072 | Free Flow Exhaust System for BMW 750i G11/G12; 2016-2018

  • BMW 7-Series Dinan Exhaust System
  • BMW 7-Series Dinan Exhaust System
  • Dinan D660-0072 | Free Flow Exhaust System for BMW 750i G11/G12; 2016-2018
    Dinan D660-0072 | Free Flow Exhaust System for BMW 750i G11/G12; 2016-2018 Alternate Image 1
    Dinan D660-0072 | Free Flow Exhaust System for BMW 750i G11/G12; 2016-2018 Alternate Image 2
    Dinan D660-0072 | Free Flow Exhaust System for BMW 750i G11/G12; 2016-2018 Alternate Image 3

    Dinan Free Flow Exhaust System for BMW 750i G11/G12; 2016-2018

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Product Description

Dinan D660-0072 - Dinan Free Flow Exhaust System for BMW 750i G11/G12; 2016-2018.

Dinan engineers designed the BMW 750i exhaust to improve exhaust flow by reducing back pressure, resulting in increased power output and a great sporty sound that is civilized when you want it to be, and pleasantly aggressive under hard acceleration. This is partly courtesy of the retained computer controlled exhaust valves that limit noise during low speed driving and open fully during high-load conditions to allow free flow. Like all Dinan exhausts, the 750i Free Flow Exhaust is engineered to reduce low-RPM drone so the cabin of the vehicle is still intimate and not drowned in an excessively loud tone. In fact, on the G11/G12 750i equipped with a Dinan exhaust you will be amazed at how deafly quiet it is in the cabin. That is quickly changed however when exiting the vehicle and being witness to the big luxury sedan passing you by at full load. In that moment the jaw will be agape and you will swear something more akin to a classic V8 muscle car had passed you by. It is the perfect blend of tame sophistication and raucous performance for a stately sedan such as the 750i.

The system is built with ease in mind and utilizes a simple bolt-on installation with included mounting hardware. It is made from 100% 16 gauge 304 stainless steel and will resist corrosion for years to come. While the sound is surprising at full load perhaps even more surprising is the system fully embraces the sleeper mentality. Without hearing it you would never know an aftermarket exhaust was on the vehicle as the design utilizes the stock cutouts in the rear bumper and not aftermarket tips, which leave the elegant and seamless styling of the sedan intact.


  • Easy bolt-on installation with included mounting hardware
  • Enjoyably louder, sportier sound
  • 100% 304 stainless steel construction
  • Computer controlled exhaust valve is retained
  • Stealth look as exhaust exits thru stock cutouts in the rear bumper
  • Incorporates numerous drone abatement technologies such as a Helmholtz chamber
  • +8 HP @ 6600 RPM, +6 FT-LB @ 6600 RPM
  • Application: 2016+ BMW 750i (G11/G12)

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Dinan D660-0072 Exhaust System Review(s)

About Dinan

History and information about Dinan and their products.

You might be asking yourself if a performance upgrade is worth the expense and effort of installation on your European car and in particular on your primo BMW and the answer among most performance drivers would be astounding yes. Take a performance aftermarket exhaust for example and examine the benefits derived from this kind of purchase. First and foremost is the upgraded exhaust’s quicker, more efficient path allowing the escaping of exhaust gases that results in your engine’s breathing better so that spent fuel and air exit the combustion chambers faster. Since your car can now burn more fuel and air you car can now create more power. Power is not the only reason your BMW and you can benefit from an aftermarket performance exhaust. If you want a better sound with a subtle more aggressive tone then think an aftermarket performance exhaust and let’s not forget about about the improvement in appearance an aftermarket exhaust can give. If all of these improvements have made you consider an aftermarket performance product then give some thought to the company designing and manufacturing these products, You want a company that you can depend on to put your needs first when designing and producing your aftermarket product and you can depend on a company like DINAN because they are a company that has a true passion for European cars. Their dedication to the design and production of truly innovative aftermarket parts is the key to their success in the marketplace and it is the reason they have so many enthusiastic customers who are cognizant of their expertise in the field of high performance upgrades.

DINAN’s research and development team is highly trained with years of experience working with BMW’s and other European cars and devote themselves to the task of making your car the best it can be. DINAN does not skimp on materials but utilizes primo materials, such as stainless steel and carbon fiber so that they stand up to the rigors of high performance and age and as a result they are able to offer you, their customers, an outstanding warranty on most parts that they introduced in 1996 with the cooperation of BMW of North America, that provides BMW owners with matching coverage to that offered by BMW’s new car warranty, ensuring that Dinan performance enhancements and the BMW they have been installed in are covered for up to 4 years or 50,000 miles. The result of this is that your BMW can be upgraded without negatively affecting your new car warranty. DINAN knows that customer satisfaction is the key to success in the aftermarket arena and in order to give you the best they concentrate their efforts on only Euro upgrades allowing the company expertise in the Euro car arena and affording them the ability to know your car inside out. As a further testament to DINAN’s excellence is the fact that road tests conducted by major automotive enthusiast publications found that DINAN enhanced BMW’s were on a performance level with some of the most exotic sport cars worldwide. Let DINAN and LMPERFORMANCE help you with your BMW performance upgrade and get the BMW you want from a company with proven expertise in the European car arena.

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