AWE Tuning 4710-13010 | Audi A3 Base 2.0L Turbo TSI S3 FMIC Hose Kit; 2009-2012

  • Audi A3 AWE Tuning Intercooler Hose Kit
  • Audi A3 AWE Tuning Intercooler Hose Kit
  • AWE Tuning 4710-13010 |  Audi A3 Base 2.0L Turbo TSI S3 FMIC Hose Kit; 2009-2012
    AWE Tuning 4710-13010 |  Audi A3 Base 2.0L Turbo TSI S3 FMIC Hose Kit; 2009-2012 Alternate Image 1

    AWE Tuning Audi A3 Base 2.0L Turbo TSI S3 FMIC Hose Kit; 2009-2012

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    • MPN: 4710-13010
    • Model Trim: Base 2.0L Turbo FWD Manual
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Product Description

AWE Tuning 4710-13010 - AWE Tuning Audi A3 Base 2.0L Turbo TSI S3 FMIC Hose Kit; 2009-2012.


AWE Tuning TSI S3 FMIC Hose Kit

Our TSI S3 FMIC Hose Kit allows for an easy, bolt on installation of the AWE Tuning 2.0T S3 Front Mount Intercooler.

There is no guesswork with the AWE Tuning TSI S3 FMIC Hose Kit. No hacking, no mess, just simple bolt on simplicity.

The AWE Tuning TSI S3 FMIC Hoses were designed with longevity and performance in mind - constructed of high quality 4-ply Nomex lined silicone hoses. Superior strength, superior heat resistance.

Note: For the smoothest possible flow transition, the ideal combination is a combination of the AWE Tuning TSI S3 FMIC Hose Kit along with the AWE Tuning TSI Turbo Outlet Pipe. The combination of these two simple yet effective upgrades creates increased air volume and improved turbo response while delivering an even smoother pathway for air by eliminating the factory-style coupler.

Fitment: Volkswagen Jetta GLI 2.0L Turbo FWD Fits Any Transmission


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AWE Tuning 4710-13010 Intercooler Hose Kit Review(s)

About AWE Tuning

History and information about AWE Tuning and their products.

1991 touts a long history in the aftermarket performance market and it speaks to the trustworthiness of products that are designed and manufactured by a company whose history dates back that far, and AWE Tuning Exhaust is such a company. AWE exhaust has a commitment to product quality and to performance enhancing your vehicle is the secret to their success and this commitment manifests itself throughout the entire production process from innovation to design and through to quality control. By having the facilities to do everything in-house AWE tuning exhaust can carefully monitor every aspect of production and their top of the line designing and machining tools aid them in everything from prototyping to manufacturing, and the piece de resistance is their official tuner status at the New Jersey Motorsports Park. A company like AWE exhaust cannot stay ahead of the competition by being complacent and they certainly are not that because they are always striving to make a better product that will improve your vehicle’s performance and keep you as a satisfied customer.

The team at LMPERFORMANCE knows you love your Porsche and so do we and we know you are a performance aficionado if you own one so we know you want only the best when it comes to performance enhancement and AWE tuning exhaust has made it their business to see that you get just that with their sui generis products for the discriminating driver like you. Products like the SWITCHPATH AWE Exhaust System for your Porsche 911, 912, 930, 964, 993, 996 or 997 that is not only a track exhaust but is a touring exhaust as well and this is all accomplished by the nonpareil “SWITHCHPATH” valve designed to direct exhaust gasses away from the side mufflers. The way it works is this – with the valve closed your Porsche’s exhaust gases are released by way of your stock muffler and you experience that impressive AWE exhaust touring tone only slightly louder and then with the “SWITCHPATH” valve open your exhaust gases are directed away from the side muffler and you get that more aggressive sound. All of this is in response to the exhaust valve position commands sent by your Porsche’s very own ECU depending on your throttle output so that your individual driving style is the determining factor in exhaust volume. You can make your exhaust look as good as it sounds with the piece de resistance, those impressive tips that are available in chrome silver or diamond black; and of course, if simple and sophisticated is more your style then they are available with no tips. If you choose tips then there is no worry about heat discoloration because the AWE tips are double walled and no concerns about quality because they are one hundred percent T304 stainless steel and have a nice finish with the beveled edges. AWE is so confident that you will be regaled by this exhaust that they offer an outstanding guarantee and allow you to return it within thirty days from the purchase date – so no fears there. Let AWE tuning exhaust help you get the sound and performance gains you want from your Porsche and let LMPERFORMANCE give you a competitive price and free shipping.

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