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    Bilstein B16 DampTronic Suspension Kit Porsche 911 Front and Rear - 49-216042

    Bilstein 49-216042 | B16 (DampTronic) Suspension Kit Porsche 911 Front and Rear; 2012-2017GENERIC IMAGE
    Bilstein 49-216042 | B16 (DampTronic) Suspension Kit Porsche 911 Front and Rear; 2012-2017 Alternate Image 1
    Bilstein 49-216042 | B16 (DampTronic) Suspension Kit Porsche 911 Front and Rear; 2012-2017 Alternate Image 2
    Bilstein 49-216042 | B16 (DampTronic) Suspension Kit Porsche 911 Front and Rear; 2012-2017 Alternate Image 3

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Product Description

SKU: 49-216042

Bilstein 49-216042 - Bilstein B16 DampTronic Suspension Kit Porsche 911 Front and Rear; 2012-2017.

Bilstein B16 (DampTronic)

Position: Front and Rear

Applications Notes: Front Lowered Height: 20-40mm, up to 775kg Axle Load; Rear Lowered Height: 20-40mm, up to 1180kg Axle Load; With Electronic Suspension (PASM); With PDCC Active Stabilizer Control, Must Purchase 11-223900

B16 (DampTronic): An exclusive suspension system for exclusive cars: BMW, Porsche and Mercedes owners, who have already made the choice to experience the performance benefits of a groundbreaking active suspension system, now have the option of an aftermarket alternative. B16 (DampTronic) benefits and features: Electronic adjustment system developed specifically for each application. Adjustable setting levels for the most dynamic driving experience. Ability to switch instantly between settings to suit driving conditions. Threaded body adjustable range of 20 mm at both axels, while installed. Lowering of approx. 30-50 mm at front and rear. Road-tested and fine-tuned by BILSTEIN ride engineers, under extreme motorsports conditions. Spring plates and lock nuts made from a special aluminium alloy. Surface coating using Triple-C-Technology®for long-lasting corrosion resistance. Round threads for easy adjustment. Quality sport springs made from highly durable material. Gas pressure technology BILSTEIN monotube technology, made in Germany.

Fitment: Porsche 911 2017-2012

Applications: Porsche 911 2017-2012

Fitment Details: Porsche 911 C2 991;K;B16DT

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About Bilstein

History and information about Bilstein and their products.

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The BILSTEIN company produces mono-tube gas pressure shock absorbers and twin-tube shock absorbers. The BILSTEIN mono-tube gas pressure shock is first in motorsports and series-production sports car because It provides a large effective surface on the working piston. This results in increased damping power, better handling and improved improves the dissipation of thermal engergy outward senabling a high level of performance. The majority of vehicles, however use the twin-tube shock absorber.

The foundation for the impressive BILSTEIN company dates back as far as 1873 with a multiplicity of technical innovations that culminated in their entry into the automotive industry in 1928 with the production of the first chrome-plated bumper for mass-produced cars, then on to car jacks and finally in 1954 they took on the challenge of eliminating the vibrations caused by the conventional telescopic shock absorbers available at the time. They also wanted to concurrently produce a lighter damper that was capable of being fitted into any position and this would be no small undertaking. Finally in 1957 the effort and expense of this endeavor resulted in the production of the very first mono-tube gas pressure shock absorber for the Mercedes-Benz. The contribution to driving safety cannot be underestimated nor is the impact on the shock absorber industry where this technology is currently incorporated into all types of telescopic shock absorbers. The BILSTEIN name is synonymous with innovation and quality of product and this can be seen in the fact that all of the AM Mercedes in the DTM and more than half of all teams in the twenty-four hour race on the NURBURGRING house BILSTEIN accessories. The company doesn’t stop with technological excellence but wants to assure their products perform well on the road and on the track and in order to do that they implement an uncompromising testing program on both the NURBURGRING and the company’s test center in PAPENBURG. This is where their products are put to the true test by their own drivers who test the products on a multiplicity of driving situations and determine how balanced the driving characteristics of various vehicles are. The care taken in providing a product they can be proud of is the hallmark of the BILSTEIN Sport Shocks tradition for innovation and incomparable quality. When you are buying front and rear shocks for your Camaro or Firebird you can see from the above that you are getting a product that is superlative in every way. For more great products, check out these Koni Sport Shocks!

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